Ilsabe O'Connell and James Curley are... 

Acoustic Folk and Americana
Original songs and select cover tunes
Vocal harmonies, acoustic guitars, banjo, dobrato...

featuring the talents of George Callobre on Bass and Ben Lansing on Dobro, Guitar, Octave mandolin and other things 

Chicago Songwriters James Curley and Ilsabe OConnell both flew solo and under the radar for a bunch of years. Then they discovered they sounded damn good together, discovered some of their songs work better for duos than solos, and decided to hang out their shingle as 'Earnest & Troubled', launching in 2016.

Featuring harmony vocals, guitars, banjo, and ukulele, Earnest & Troubled write and perform great music and have been known to be extremely entertaining !  
Performing original songs - some written previously as solo singer-songwriters as well as songs written together - and select cover tunes from writers like Guy Clark, Warren Zevon, The Carter Family, Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, Emmylou Harris, and any other great songs we might find lying around or you might suggest we do. 

Often joined in live performance by George Callobre on Bass and Ben Lansing on dobro, guitars and other stringed instruments.